Welcome to Derwent Training’s online CPD courses.

Investing in training is an important function of every business. It is a route to increasing productivity. However, the psychological contract between employer and employee is equally as important and investing in your staff improves staff morale and well-being, resilience, and retention.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called on employers to

  • Improve awareness and accessibility of training and development opportunities
  • Offer careers advice to all employees at regular check points throughout their careers
  • Improve the clarity on internal development routes, and default towards opening all new vacancies to internal applicants

We are pleased to support employers and individuals who wish to upskill and enhance their knowledge and abilities.

Derwent Training hosts courses and qualifications from Highfield, a global training organisation in compliance and work-based learning. Covering a wide range of topics, the training is online and can be completed in the workplace but equally are ideal for those working from home.

Derwent Training donates 1% of each sale to charity to combat climate change. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy explains how we change our practices to counter the impact of humans on the planet. We are also proud to be a Circular Malton & Norton Champion, assisting in making the area the first market town with a circular economy.